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Solar energy

In 2017 we have added a Tesla Powerwall II battery which is predicted to reduce the requirements from the national grid to very low levels. Therefore protecting the business from any increases in energy prices and reducing our use of the national grid. There is one Tesla Powerwall battery at the Farm and another one at Welhams Meadow where our Luxury Lodges are located. To read more about renewable energy in Suffolk, please visit our blog. We are excited to measure the results of this new addition to Sunny Suffolk!

Wind turbine

In 2012 we installed a small wind turbine because we are one of the highest points in Suffolk at 79 metres above sea level. In 2014 we added 12Kw of solar panels onto the grain store roof, and the two systems complement each other, both seasonal and diurnally, with more sun in the summer and more wind in the winter.

Wood burner

In 2015 we commissioned an American design of wood burner to heat the house and workshops – a design which burns logs efficiently by drying them out and turning them into charcoal before setting them alight. As part of the conservation scheme on the farm we coppice a length of hedgerow each year.

This process is carbon neutral, and of course very locally sourced! Forestry Commission metrics have allowed us to calculate that the seven kilometres of hedgerow on the farm increases in weight by forty tonnes each year, and we only use roughly half that in the wood burner, so the system is sustainable in the long term.

The History of St.John’s Manor Farm