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How much is a Rural Retreat at Welhams Meadow?

To register your interest in the four properties, with prices starting at £150,000 on a 99 year Lease. To book a viewing, please contact Chris on 07720 387 367 or hello@sunnysuffolk.co.uk

Why is it called Welhams Meadow?

This is the field name it has always had for the last one hundred years. Welham is a local Suffolk surname, so we can only presume that several hundred years ago this pretty little three acre meadow belonged to the Welham family.

How do I get to Welhams Meadow in Suffolk?

We are in between two of the main towns in Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich. The easiest way is by car, we are a short drive off the A14 through Needham Market or Stowmarket, depending which direction you are coming from. The closest train station is Needham Market but Stowmarket station has slightly better connections, for example to London Liverpool Street in 1 hour 26minutes. On our Contact Page you can see where we are on Google maps, if you click on the map then it will show you the directions from you location.

What is a Kingfisher Lodge?

The Holiday Homes at Welhams Meadow are Kingfisher Lodges, which are all manufactured locally in Suffolk by Omar Park Homes Ltd to BS3632 standards and so intentionally conform to the site owner’s wish to create a high quality and energy efficient group of lodges in a beautiful countryside setting. This is a new accreditation and so owners can be confident of a level of build quality and energy efficiency not normally associated with this type of lodge. You can find more details regarding the specification on the our Luxury Lodges Page. We have spotted a pair of Kingfishers at Welhams Meadow feeding in the fishing lakes, so these lodges could not be more suitable!

What do you mean by Lodges/Retreats/Holiday Homes?

The site occupants need to have a separate principal residence, which is their postal address to qualify for having a Lodges at Welhams Meadow.

Are pets allowed at Welhams Meadow?

Yes, dogs and cats are allowed, but care must be taken to not upset any other lodge owners with their behaviour. We have drawn up a simple set of site rules so that everyone understands just what can and can’t be done on site, for everyone’s peace of mind.

Where can I go for walks or bike rides in the local area?

Holiday Home owners are encouraged to use the extensive set of footpaths and tracks on St. John’s Manor Farm, which is on your doorstep! Added to which there is a wide variety of both walking and cycling routes which criss-cross Battisford and the surrounding villages across mid-Suffolk. The area is popular with cycling groups and perfect for great Pub Walks!

Will there be WI-FI and a phone connection?

Yes, Broadband routers are supplied in each lodge. The present provider of the broadband is a radio signal line-of-sight service called Superhero Broadband, which a lot of local residents use, and has proved very reliable. If further capacity is required this can be arranged by the site owner. There is currently no land line telephone connection, but it can be arranged; mobile phone coverage is good.

Do the Kingfisher Lodges come furnished or can I move my own furniture in?

The first two Holiday Homes on site are fully furnished, but if owners wish to use their own furniture they are very welcome, please discuss this when you visit. Whilst each of the four lodges have a matching external appearance the internal layout for the third and fourth lodges coming to site in 2018 can be made bespoke to owner’s requirements within the limits of what is feasible for the manufacturer, and by prior permission of the site owner. We can supply secure storage if required.

How many car parking spaces are there for each lodge at Welhams Meadow?

Two cars may be parked near to each lodge in the spaces provided. In addition there is a large space for temporary parking near to the site entrance.

How long is the Licence at Welhams Meadow?

Fifty years. There are several documents which explain this in detail. In addition to purchasing the Licence, Holiday Home owners will be asked to pay a small monthly maintenance fee. Please contact us for more information about these details.

What does the maintenance fee cover?

The land around the Holiday Homes will be maintained by a dedicated gardener who will cut the grass and maintain the borders, and keep the site clean and tidy – ensuring that the site always looks its best. The fee also covers the inclusive provision of water, sewage treatment and standard connectivity to the lodges. Electricity and gas services are paid for separately. They are paid for monthly, based on the amount used as recorded by the meters for each lodge.

Can children stay at Welhams Meadow?

Yes, the owner is responsible for the conduct of all their visitors, and the children of visitors. Although there is a grassed area for all Holiday Homes to use, there are no specific play areas for children; however there is a well-kitted local play area a short distance away in the village.

What is the security at Welhams Meadow?

Lights activated by movement sensors are provided for security purposes. The local authority is keen to keep the wattage of these lights low so as to lessen night time light pollution. Security cameras cover the site with the footage being stored, and the cameras are monitored remotely as well as being able to be viewed on screen in the site office.  There is a gate at the entrance to the site which will be locked at night, if that is the preference of the Holiday Home owners.

Can I sublet the lodge when I am not there?

Yes this is an option, more information if provided on Buyer’s Guide page and our guide available here.

What will be included in the energy bills for my lodge?

The maintenance fee covers water, sewage and standard connectivity bills, with gas and electricity bills paid on presentation, usually within ten days of the end of each month by direct debit. Electricity and gas rates will be charged at standard rates. We have recently installed a few solar panels behind the site office, which are connected to a Tesla Powerwall Battery II. This will reduce the amount of energy being used from the National Grid, therefore producing lower energy bills for each Holiday Home.

Where do I find out about local restaurants and places of interest in Suffolk?

We have a lifetime’s worth of local knowledge, so we are always happy to provide recommendations. While we are working on producing a brochure displaying all the local attractions, there is a great amount of information here on our Visit Suffolk Page.

Is there a common area to entertain guests at Welhams Meadow?

Each lodge has its own large patio area, and there is a large grassed area, some of which is shaded by trees to keep you cool in the summer, which everyone can use. The whole three acre meadow can be walked around, but we do ask you to respect the peace and quiet around the fishing lakes when people are fishing please.

Are campfires allowed at Welhams Meadow?

There is no provision for campfires, but down near the stream there is a barbecue area with some rustic seating which is ideal for outdoor meals.

Are we able to fish in the fishing lakes at Welhams Meadow?

The Gipping Valley Angling Club run the two fishing lakes, and there are a selection of fish, from perch, roach and rudd to some larger carp. Annual membership costs £70 a year, but they are happy to be contacted regarding a week long membership, if you wish. Their website and more information can be found here.

If you have a specific query which is not covered on this website then please get in touch, we would be delighted to assist. We can send you more information and the Site Rules for example, please contact us by phone on 07720 387 367 or simply email us: hello@sunnysuffolk.co.uk