Open Farm Sunday 2018

June 12th 2018


On 10th June Chris and Maggie helped our neighbours showcase Suffolk farming to the public by being one of 400 farms nationally to open their doors for anyone to come and see what goes on, and talk to farmers about why they do what they do. Stuart, Gill and James Scarff have a very interesting farm growing a selection of six crops, and now they have a really novel addition in that they've created a vineyard! Hundreds of thousands of vines have been planted over the last two years on a south facing field in the village of Combs, just to the south of Stowmarket.

In 2005 and 2006 Chris and Maggie opened their farm up for Open Farm Sunday, and knowing how many people wish to talk to real life farmers, they were happy to go and help out on Stuart's farm this year. Stuart put on a great show of machinery old and new, and showed visitors the compost he uses on the fields to improve soil organic matter which is made from the green trimmings local residents take to the recycling centre. He also demonstrated how planting just a few seeds, with a little bit of fertiliser, produces a fantastic yield - it really is just sun and water with a healthy soil which gives harvest after harvest.

There was also tractor and trailer rides to see the vineyard, and a children's play area and several quizzes as well as a fantastic refreshment tent. The weather was wonderful, and everyone went home happy and satisfied having had a day out on the farm.

We look forward to getting involved next year! Visit their website for more information and find a farm near you to visit: